Can you see the wood for the trees?

Data is getting bigger and the bigger the data becomes, the more impenetrable it can become.

At ITI Data Vision we believe a picture tells a thousand words, and a thousand pictures, organised expertly, will allow you to navigate, filter and find the data that you need – easily, intuitively, quickly.

Our data analysis tools are underpinned by smart algorithms that sift, sort, correlate and select from complex datasets. We use the latest data visualisation techniques to give you a laser focussed insight to that data.

  • We crunch the numbers so that you don’t have to
  • We interpret and visualise in multiple dimensions
  • We lead you to the data that you need

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New York



In today’s business world mobile, cloud, on demand and hot desking are the new paradigms. The ITI Group has so far eschewed expensive office space, preferring instead to invest in being omni-present in the worlds’s leading financial centres. Contact us, and we can meet you and present our products and services anywhere around the globe, through our representatives in London, New York and Tokyo.

Our start-up Vision

When Simon Glover, ITI’s Chairman, returned to the UK in 2010 he was horrified to see the state of the retail investment market in the UK and the fees charged by traditional funds in particular. Poor reporting of portfolio performance was another major bugbear. His background in having run a successful hedge fund for 20 years meant he had a deep understanding of the value that alternative asset classes and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) could have on a portfolio’s diversification and performance. His vision was to provide retail investors with the investment tools and services required to help anyone invest successfully, and InTune Investor was born.

Since then we have broadened our activities and developed tools outside of financial services and ETFs and become the ITI Group, of which ITI Data Vision is a wholly owned subsidiary.

Part of the ITI Group

ITI Group was formed in 2012 to transform the provision of financial services for retail investors. Our mission: “helping anyone invest successfully”.

We identified the components required to effect this transformation.

Investment products which deliver what all investor’s actually want: absolute returns which beat inflation and taxes and are stable and predictable. ITI Asset Management

Secondly, intuitive and entertaining ways to navigate the multiple industry product offerings. We call this search, research and select and is all styled for a mobile world. ITI Data Vision

And finally a delivery platform to provide one clear and concise picture. ITI Money will be launched later in 2017.

This is ITI Group, with each activity operating within its own structure, better able to respond quickly to client specific requests, whilst all pulling together to deliver our overall mission and vision.

It’s going to be an exciting journey. Join us and help make it happen.

The secret to delivering sustainable absolute returns is simple: build a truly diversified portfolio in the knowledge that half of the investments will make money and half will lose – then make sure that more is made on the winners than is lost on the losing investments.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which have exploded over the last ten years on both sides of the Atlantic have many attractions including their low cost relative to mutual funds and that they are exchange traded thus liquid and tradable throughout the day.

More importantly for ITI Asset Management they offer a large reservoir of diversity from which to construct a non-correlated portfolio.

So we have set up the ITI Asset Management Macro Global hedge fund, investing exclusively in a diverse basket of ETFs, to deliver absolute stable returns which are uncorrelated with equity or bond markets.

Noting that investors may have a wide number of investments in a number of accounts, we wanted a data visualization tool to bring this all together and provide one overall view of a user’s exposure, concentration and risk.

We needed a way to check and compare the costs and fees being charged which if left unchecked can be so damaging to long term investment objectives.

Also a way to build an investment portfolio by dragging and dropping investments and simulating the results.

etfLook and etfHound were born.

It soon became evident that these tools had a much wider application – they could visualise and select key data from any large and otherwise impenetrable datasets – which racehorse to back – what football match to spread bet on – which bottle of wine to buy?

ITI Data Vision took off – and while still building out our Group requirements, ITIDV is now working with multiple clients in many different industries to bring clarity to large quantities of confusing data thus helping their customers make a better choice.

Our People

Each of our people has a track record of success and deep domain expertise, but we’re a start-up – which means we are free to take a fresh approach to everything we do.

Being a start-up, we can leverage other experts and outsource and pay for what we need, when we need it – we are lean and efficient but able to react quickly when we need additional capacity or expertise.

By interacting with other industry and IT experts we are always leveraging fresh ideas: we are the experts in what we want, and our partners are the experts in how to deliver, whether it’s a logo, a website, a new widget, or a trading partner and custodian for the ITI hedge fund; but the IP is ours – which means you can be confident that your investment will be great value, secure and protected.

Simon Glover


Simon’s career began in the city in 1981 trading physical commodities. Read more

Richard Hurford


Richard is a professional IT Manager with over 20 years’ IT experience Read more

Shaun Crowley

Sales Director

Shaun has been selling to financial services firms for 20 years, Read more

Alberto Ciacci

Quantitative Research Officer

Alberto works as a quantitative researcher for the ITI Group Read more

The greater diversity, lower fees and lower cost of investing in ETFs will see them replace traditional funds as the asset class of choice for smart investors, but for this to happen investors need smart tools to help them pick the ETFs that best suit their portfolio. ITI Data Vision has the tools our Selftrade clients need.

Richard Donegan, Equiniti Selftrade Managing Director

Our partnership with ITI Data Vision will allow our clients to realise the benefits that ETFs should play in creating a diversified portfolio.

Mark Taylor, CEO Equiniti Financial Services