Stock market crashes – conclusions

The next stock market crash will inevitably come…

Stock market crashes, corrections or bear markets are inevitable and occur frequently. They have historically been triggered by a variety of different events and occurrences, and are unfortunately notoriously difficult to predict. […]

What early warning signs of a stock market crash might we see?

The next stock market crash will inevitably come…

There could be no warning. On May 6th, 2010, the “crash of 2:45”, as it has been called, started at 2:32pm and lasted for approximately 36 minutes in which time the Dow Jones fell some 9%, most of this within minutes. Fortunately, values largely recovered almost as quickly.

The stock market does not have to crash, but could enter what is call a period of correction. If the correction extends and the market retraces 20% from its peak over a few months it becomes known as a bear market. […]

A brief history of stock market crashes and possible triggers

The next stock market crash will inevitably come…

Since 1623, there have been some fifty stock market crashes around the world. That’s one every 7.8 years on average.

Twelve of these crashes have occurred since 2000. That’s one every 1.5 years recently.  The last one on record was two years ago when, on August 18th, 2015, the Dow Jones fell 1,300 points over three days between August 18- 21. An estimated ten trillion dollars was wiped off the books! […]

American Union Bank in New York at the beginning of the crash