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search, compare, consume

The Data Visualisation and search and compare tools that ITI Data Vision has developed lend themselves to the Retail sector – how many times did you:

  • Enjoy a bottle of WINE in a restaurant but couldn’t find it at the supermarket?
  • Finish the last BOOK by your favourite author and want to read something similar?
  • Try and find a product online that’s in stock, at the best price, and the closest if not an exact match to what you want?
With ITI Data Vision we can help your customers navigate through huge datasets – let’s say thousands of bottles of wine – your wine:

    • Sort and filter the bottles by any categorisation of your customers’ choice – red/white/rose/sparkling, type, country of origin, price, occasion, strength, dry/medium/sweet, anything!
    • Select favourites! Then compare and contrast these with similar wines – the wines that you stock! Upsell them! Show closest store location and availability – or suitable alternatives – if they are looking to purchase now, or flip them to purchase online for home delivery?
    • Suggest other complementary products?
man chosing wine
woman chosing book
And don’t just sell… educate!

  • Educate,
  • build brand loyalty,
  • upsell!

ITI Data Vision has the tools and know-how to help you do all of this and more.

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