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revolutionising sports betting

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Online gaming is forecast to reach EUR30b this year and is growing at 9.13% CAGR, with online sports betting representing in excess 50%. But this is still just 12% of global gaming revenue; and the sports betting industry has been poorly served by quality apps, with social and casual gaming leading the way, despite customer expectations and demand.

Customers want more ways, times and events to bet on and to win more often, and will move their custom and remain more loyal to the firms that let them do so.

With global smartphone usage set to top 3 billion, online sports betting could appeal to so many more people if the apps existed to meet this demand. But much existing content is built on old technology and thus not easily usable on smartphones or tablets;

In many regards, there are huge parallels between sports betting and the financial services industry, where firms that are now deploying ITI Data Vision tools are enabling their customers to invest more successfully.

We provide laser focussed clarity and a simple means to navigate the huge volume of what would otherwise be poorly represented data and statistics – complex data that is usually only able to be easily interpreted by experts, and where novice or casual customers would otherwise lack the ability, confidence or confirmation to make well informed selections.

The same can be said of betting data and stats – whether that be on events or participants. Better access to better presented data would not only resolve this, but also lead to cross-selling of different sports and in different geographies, opening up a 24×7 opportunity for firms to engage with their customers.

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ITI Data Vision has developed a suite of cutting edge data visualisation tools that can be used to look deep into large and complex datasets and we have used the experience gained in doing so for financial services firms to develop tools for the sports betting industry.

These are complemented by tools that allow similar betting opportunities, whether at different times or in different sports or geographies, to be sought out – so that a customer who may traditionally bet on one type of event can be helped to bet on other events, at any time of the day, in different geographies – but with equal confidence that they are making well informed choices. By helping customers improve their odds, firms build brand loyalty.

Our technology is open, transparent and flexible. It can be quickly and easily adapted to offer your customers the experience you want them to have.

The options and opportunities are endless and constrained only by your imagination.